Need some solution for few tool and toolbar

Product: PDFNet

Hey team, we have two questions can you please provide a solution for them?

  1. ToolbarHiding :
    → Issue brief:
    On iPad, if we zoom in and zoom out the pdfviewctrl by double-tap, the Tools toolbar is getting hidden behind the toolgroup toolbar. We have observed that pdfViewCtrl.pagePresentationMode = e_trn_single_page is causing issue. We have added this property for our requirements. How can we fix this issue?
    → Video:

    → Sample Code: (2.0 KB)

[To run: add this in the project and make viewcontroller initial viewcontroller]

  1. Note markup
    → Can we stop changing note markup size on zoom in, zoom out and also on Note selection? On zoom in and zoom out the position of the mark-up is a little different. (It is not zooming in on the center instead it is changing size on x1,y1 point) Can we stop changing its size or set it to zoom out on center?
    → Video:


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Hi @rankit.agarwal,

Thank you for the video and sample code, we are investigating now.

For the second issue with the note icon, we have added this to our backlog and will hopefully be able to get to it in our upcoming sprint.