Multiple pages should be displayed at a time


Product Version: 8.7

Please give a brief summary of your issue:

select two documents in document tracking and do side by side view
rotate the first two documents on the right panel

Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it:

  1. Open two documents using view and manage.
    2.Select both documents and open in side-by-side.
    3.Now rotate 1 page in right panel and then rotate another page.

Expected Result:- Multiple pages should be displayed in right panel.

Actual Result:- Shows only one page after rotating first two pages in right panel.

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:

We have recently migrated from V7 to V8.7.

The inbuilt method - layoutChanged() has been deprecated and replaced with pagesUpdated() method.



Thank you for reaching out to WebViewer Support, and for submitting this bug report!

I just wanted to let you know that during my investigation I observed a separate, but similar, bug and have reported these to my team.

The bug has been added to our backlog and will be worked on in the future. I don’t have an exact timeline for you but when it gets worked on we will keep you updated.


Hi Adam,

Could you please provide an ETA on this?


Hi Vineet,

The bug has been added to the current sprint. We will let you know when a fox is available for testing thank you.

Best Regards,
Zach Serviss
Web Development Support Engineer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.