.xlsx to .pdf page breaks

let options = PTOfficeToPDFOptions()
options!.setApplyPageBreaks(toSheet: true)

When converting this document to a pdf I want it to use the xlsx file set page breaks. When creating the xlsx file I have page breaks being set. Is there a way PDFTron can read these breaks and make pages accordingly. Or is there a way in PDFTron to manually set page breaks.

My issues is I have an xlsx file with 12 columns, 200 rows. When setApplyPageBreaks is set to false, it fits all the content on one page. This is impossible to print and read. If I set it to true, it splits the columns in half and puts 6 columns on one page, and the other 6 on another.

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To best assist you please provide the following information.

  1. Input file XLSX
  2. Generated output file PDF (with setApplyPageBreaks to True)
  3. Code and settings used to generate (2) from (1)
  4. Screenshots showing the output, and clearly indicating what you expected to get instead, and also clearly indicating the application/browser being used to view.

I have attached the files.
Step 1.xlsx (8.2 KB)
Step 2.pdf (189.1 KB)

Step 3.txt (899 Bytes)
Step 4.pdf (39.5 KB)

How long will it take before I can get this resolved? I have employees that needs .pdf not .xlsx. Thanks.

Any updates on this issue?

Thank you for the extra files. After testing, I see the discrepancy you mentioned between the excel file and the output pdf.

I am working with the office conversion team to investigate the discrepancy and I will update you once I have more information.