ConvScreenPtToPagePt not always accurate

Product: PDFTron.UWP

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PDFViewCtrl.ConvScreenPtToPagePt sometimes shifts the input point a few pixels depending on the view’s zoom level and scroll

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I’m using PDFTron to create an inking app, but it seems that when I convert the pen’s ink points in screen space to page space with PDFViewCtrl.ConvScreenPtToPagePt, the points are sometimes shifted by a couple pixels. The direction they are shifted in and how far depends on the zoom level and current scroll amount. In the photo below, the red is an ink stroke as it appears rendered by Windows and the blue is the corresponding Ink annotation created by converting points to page space. This was when scrolled to the top left corner at 300% zoom. The scaling is right, but the position is offset.


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MinimalInk/MainPage.xaml.cs at master · jlynch630/MinimalInk (

Is there any way to increase the accuracy of the coordinate transformation process?