Checkboxes in docx rendered as bullets in WebViewer

WebViewer Version: v8.8.0

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No, all browsers behave the same.

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Could be.

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Checkboxes in doc/docx rendered as bullets in WebViewer

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I uploaded a doc/docx file with checkboxes to the WebViewer, but the checkboxes are rendered as bullets. This can be seen in the WebViewer demo too.
Is there any workaround to fix this issue? Thanks!

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Hi Kim,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer support.

Could you please share the document you’re having this issue with? This way we can check what is going on and help you better with it.


Dandara Navarro
Web Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.

Hello Dandara Navarro,

Sure but I couldn’t directly upload a file through this reply.
So I uploaded it in GoogleDrive, it is just a dummy docx.
I’ll send an invite if that works for you.

Or if you can suggest a way, let me know.


Hi Kim,

Actually, you don’t need to send me. I was able to reproduce the issue here.
I’ll share this with the team and we’ll keep you update as soon as we have a solution for it.

Thank you,

Dandara Navarro

Hello Dandara Navarro,

Okay great! Thank you so much.
Looking forward to it.

Hi Dandara Navarro,

It’s been 14 days can I ask for an update?



Can I ask for an update about this issue?