WebViewerServer Error

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Hello @yunus.cokguzel

In order to further investigate this, I will need more information:
1 - Which WebViewer version are you using?
2 - Can you send me a file that triggers this issue?
3 - Can you send me the WebViewer server config you are using?

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Hello @yunus.cokguzel

It looks like your WebViewer instance is not correctly connected to the WebViewer Server instance.

Can you reproduce the issue and send me the messages that are logged? I’m especially interested in a table that is logged as soon as you load WebViewer.

Hello @dfelix ,

There is no log in the files when I try from my project, however I tried via “localhost:8443/demo” with my document URL and I realized an error like below.

“java.lang.Exception: File format ashx is not supported. Refer to PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation for a full list of supported formats.”

My document URL is attached

. Its return the msg file and I refer it to “createDocument” method. It’s working for the other file types like “xlsx”, “pdf” that are not use WebViewerServer. How can I avoid that error when I try with file types that uses WebViewer Server? I need to send file URL with “.ashx”.

Best regards.

Hello @yunus.cokguzel

I’m not sure what this ashx file is, but I could not reproduce any issue with the msg file you sent me earlier.

It makes sense to work with other file types since those are supported and ashx is not. Please refer to the link in the error message. If the file is actually a supported file, you could try to use the extension or the filename options when calling loadDocument. Please see here: https://www.pdftron.com/api/web/UI.html#.loadDocument

If the issue continues, please send me what is logged in the developer’s console (browser console).