WebViewer messes up appearences (or i do something wrong)

WebViewer Version: 7.3.3 but also happening with 8 onwards

I am using WebViewer in Version 7.3.3 (but i tested with the Demo and it is also happening). So i’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong or it is a real problem.

WebViewer is used with FullAPI and no WebViewer-Server.

I have a PDF (Original.pdf), it contains form fields. When i open the PDF in the WebViewer and type something into the form fields everything looks great (also the € Symbols are Visible in the currency fields):

But after i download the filled PDF, the formatting of the font is a little bit different. Also (and this is the important thing for us) the numbers after the decimal points aren’t shown and the €-Symbol is missing:

When i fill the PDF with Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat or any other (native) Program, it looks better:

Filled with WebViewer.pdf (118.6 KB)
Filled with Adobe.pdf (122.8 KB)
Original.pdf (115.6 KB)

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Thanks for the description and sharing the file! I can see the same thing you’re seeing and will be forwarding this over to our core SDK team to investigate further.

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Hello Matt,

thanks for confirming. I hope there is a fix soon :slight_smile: