Unable to convert html2pdf or pdf2word - Permission

Product: PDFTron

Product Version: 9.0.0

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Unable to convert html2pdf or pdf2word - Permission

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I have downloaded trial package for windows and I am trying to convert html2pdf and pdf2word. On both samples it says “Permission: html2pdf” or “Permission: pdf2word” and fails with exception saying to download those modules. I have downloaded and placed pdf2word module in the lib directory and verified that html2pdf module is already there…

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Same sample from your website

This usually occurs because the SDK cannot find either the html2pdf or pdf2word module. Make sure it has been downloaded and you are calling the PDFNet.AddResourceSearchPath("/path/to/module") method before the PDFNet.Initialize(); call.

Please also ensure that the program has the ability to read from the above path you are passing in.