Set specific radiobutton value


I have a radio button group (called "GroupGender") with 3 radio buttons :

- Male
- Female
- Unspecified

How can i set the value for the second value (for example) ?

I've tried

Field f = document.GetField("GroupGender");

Is there a way to specify the index / specific option name here ?


The following should work, but only if “Female” matches one of the appearance states. It might be something else like “Option1”.

Field f = document.GetField("GroupGender"); f.SetValue("Female");

To query the appearance states, use the following code.

static string GetOnState(Field field) { Widget widget = new Widget(field.GetSDFObj()); Obj normal_app_dict = null; Obj widget_object = widget.GetSDFObj(); Obj appearances_dict = widget_object.FindObj("AP"); if (appearances_dict != null) normal_app_dict = appearances_dict.FindObj("N"); if (normal_app_dict != null && normal_app_dict.IsDict()) { for (DictIterator itr = normal_app_dict.GetDictIterator(); itr.HasNext(); itr.Next()) { Obj key = itr.Key(); if (key != null && key.IsName()) { string key_name = key.GetName(); if(String.Compare(key_name, "off", true) != 0) { return key_name; } } } } throw new Exception("Error getting on value for field"); }

Generally each radio button will have two states. “Off” and then the on value, such as “Female”.