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I integrated Webviewer for Salesforce following the steps mentioned in the video but after deploying the static resources and lwc to the scratch org, I’m unable to use Webviewer . I can’t view pdf files . It throws an error in portal : Worker encountered an error and in console I can see that it says Error: Failed to find PDF worker files. This project is not set up to work with PDF files.

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The issue is that I can’t use any of PdfTron’s feature because the file doesn’t load. It works when I upload a jpg or png file but they can’t be redacted or downloaded. I followed the steps in the Salesforce integration guide video.

Attaching link of the video showing the issue : pdftron.mp4

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Hi reet.roy, welcome to the PDFTron community.

The errors you are seeing in your video are related to WebViewer not being able to locate PDF worker files which are required for rendering/redaction of your document.

To debug this, please check the Network tab in your browser console (you might need to refresh to see all requests). You should see some failed requests (status code 404) - please click on them and see what the request URL is. Make sure that your static resources includes the requested URL. If the resources are not uploaded, make sure to add them to static resources.

Also, make sure you check the request URL for /lean/ or /full/ which indicates full or lean API. You can set fullAPI to true or false in the WebViewer constructor of your LWC component, and need to make sure the corresponding resources are available (ie when settin fullAPI: true, make sure you generate the workers in the NPM script and answer y to fullAPI).

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions.