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When I generate XFDF out of a PDF file with forms fields and annotations added via PDFTron sdk, I see pdf-info element in the xml that contains child elements like , . I need more info on these elements to understand them better. Do you have a SFDF specification which explains these pdf-info elements?

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The pdf-info section is proprietary/internal values only useful to PDFTron products. The XFDF overall is still valid and can be processed by other vendors.

Why is understanding the pdf-info section important for you?
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We are building a solution where we require to save the XFDF info at our end so that it can be loaded on demand later. I wanted to understand the pdf elements inside pdf-info. If you could provide some documentation on that it will help.

require to save the XFDF info

Can you just save it as is then? XFDF is XML, which is just a string. No need to actually understand what the internals represent.