mergeDocument method not working properly

Product: PDFTron

Product Version: 8.10.0

I have scenario to merge the pdf file on top of the existing pdf file. So the new pdf file pages should on top of existing pdf file and merge it. To achieve this functionality I was using mergeDocument (file, 0) method.

mergeDocument(file, 0)

The same code was working properly and it was adding the new file of top of existing file in 8.1.0 version, but after upgrading to 8.10.0 the functionality is not working as expected its adding the file below the existing document.

In method i am passing the position param as zero that means it should merge the file on top of the other file but instead it’s merging the file below the existing file. Can you please help me on this how to resolve this issue?


We’re looking into this, thanks for your patience.


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You can use 1 instead of 0 as the 2nd parameter with the latest version of WebViewer. Please try it out. Thanks.