Is it possible to use textSearchInit to search for a list of terms?

WebViewer Version: 7.3.3

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Yes for a single search term works fine. But if I iterate over an array of search terms only the results for the last element is returned.
Used eg from

Is it possible to run textSearchInit multiple times and get all the results?

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Unable to run docViewer.textSearchinit over an array of search terms

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Using the following git hub sample project as a start point

I replaced the useEffect with the following useEffect. The console output only had results for “scratch”

useEffect(() => {



    path: "/webviewer/lib",

    initialDoc: "/files/PDFTRON_about.pdf",



).then((instance) => {

  const { docViewer, CoreControls } = instance;

  docViewer.on("documentLoaded", () => {

    const searchTextList = ["mistake", "scratch"];

    const mode =

      CoreControls.Search.Mode.PAGE_STOP |

      CoreControls.Search.Mode.HIGHLIGHT |


    searchTextList.forEach((s) => {

      const searchOptions = {

        fullSearch: true,

        onResult: (result) => {

          if (result.resultCode === CoreControls.Search.ResultCode.FOUND) {





      docViewer.textSearchInit(s, mode, searchOptions);




}, []);

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Thank you for the sample code. Currently calling “textSearchInit” again will cancel the current search and start searching with the new search term. You can use the “CoreControls.Search.Mode.REGEX” and do a regex search (can search for “mistake|scratch”). Please let me know if that works for you or if you have any other questions

Best Regards,

Andrew Yip
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.

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Hi Andrew,

That work brilliantly! Thank you.
For the time being this seems to do the job, not entirely sure how performant it would be for larger set of search terms. Will probably need to look at a server side solution for that if the need arises.

Thanks again.