Imposing Dynamic Text on Images

Product: PDFTron Server

Product Version: Latest

Thanks in advance. I cannot find a documented solution path for the following:

  1. A document template that consists of:
    a. a background image (the image of the original paper form)
    b. a set of overlaid field placeholders (e.g., person[0].name.first, requestType, requestDate, etc.) with specific location, geometry (size), and font options (font, default size, color)
  2. A system process that:
    a. loads the template
    b. fills template field placeholders with actual values from the current request data
    i. Note: Optionally, font size should be automatically adjusted so data fits field
    c. produces a final PDF with the image and filled data (any unfilled placeholders are invisible)

For those familiar with Jasper Reports, this is a standard use-case for Jasper and accomplished in a straightforward manner (not that it is perfectly clean there, either).

I think perhaps going down the route of fillable PDF Forms may be the only option, but not sure that everything mentioned above is achievable with that route. Also, it would require that we manually create PDF Fillable forms.

Thanks in advance for any information!


For Dynamic PDF generation, please view the following Office Template Guide:

Another option is for you to use Windward Studios. They have an industry leading templating engine as well. For more information:

Please let me know how this works for you, and if you have any further questions.

Thanks, but there is nothing in there that answers my question. It would be a nightmare to try to exactly position a lot of fields on top of an image background in MS Word, unless I am missing something – if I am, please point directly to it. I’ve already spent time going through all of your docs without finding a clear answer, as originally noted. Thanks!