Does HTML2PDF conversion loose the information related to H1-H6 headings?

Product: PDFNet Windows

Product Version:9.2.0

I am trying to convert an HTML string to PDF using HTML2PDF and make it accessible using the tag information that comes with the PDFDoc.
HTML string conversion looks like this;
PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc();
string html = “<html><body><h1>Heading</h1><p>Paragraph.</p></body></html>

After the conversion, when I tried to process the elements in the PDFDoc and tried to see what the MCTag returns for each text element(e_text); (in this case Heading and Paragraph)
var tag = element.GetMCTag();
tag.GetName() returns “P” as the element tag for Heading which I expected to have “h1” instead. For “Paragraph” it gave the correct MCTag which is “P”.

Am I missing something during the conversion? or is there a way to get the correct tag information when it comes to headings (H1-H6) in HTML or any way of getting the heading info after the conversion?

Thank you
waiting for a quick answer

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Currently no, the output does not include H1-H6 headings.

Could you elaborate on how not having the H1-H6 headings exactly affects your users?

Hi Ryan,
Yes, we are trying to create a logical structure out of an untagged pdf (which is converted from HTML to PDF using HTML2PDF). Because the requirement is to make a PDF/UA compliant PDF. So in the logical structure tree, the headings should be identified as headings and tagged accordingly. So the assistive technology can identify what’s heading and what’s a paragraph.

Thank you for the clarifications.

I have added this feature request to the product backlog, but at this time it is not on our schedule.

If instead your input was a DOCX file, then the PDF output with our SDK is fully tagged with the H1-H6 tags. Is switching from HTML to DOCX an option for you?

No, unfortunately, DOCX type is not used within the application.
Thank you for the information :+1:

I am happy to report that starting with our next release, PDFNet 9.4, the HTML2PDF module output will be a Tagged PDF, and the H1-H6 entries will be preserved and present in the PDF output.

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That’s good news. Will you be considering nested elements as well, like Tables and lists in the output tagged PDF?

Hi @Ryan,
When can we expect the next release (9.4) of PDFTron SDK? Will it be within this year?

You can download a Preview build here:

While not as fully tested as our official releases, this should be fine for production usage, as the only change from the official release is the flag to generate a Tagged PDF.

Thank you for the response.
I was checking the dll, but the output was the same - untagged PDF. Do I have to set some properties or is it only will be available in the released version?
I am using this on the attached file here;
html.txt (10.4 KB)

HTML2PDF converter = new HTML2PDF();