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I am trying to create a custom stamp as an image. PDFTron has the PTCheckMarkStampCreate and the PTCrossMarkStampCreate. I essentially want to create my own and add them ad bar button items to the toolManager toolbar. If I could use those default ones and make them default to certain colors and sizes that would be great, but if not how would I create a custom stamp using an image and position it where ever the user taps?

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You can use the image-stamp tool to stamp an image onto the page:
Does this approach work for you?

I’ve played around with that. If I wanted to create a custom bar button item that is selected and use it to stamp the document is that what I’d use?

let xMarkItem = PTSelectableBarButtonItem(image: image, style: .plain, target: self, action: #selector(customToolAction(_:)))

I am following your documentation here. In the selectors function call is there a method I can use to tell it to stamp anywhere the user taps?

And then how do I pass it to documentController.toolGroupManager.createItem(forToolClass: )

Here is an image that might make it more helpful with what I am trying to do. Currently I am using PDFTron system PTCheckMarkStampCreate and PTCrossMarkStampCreate to create a UIBarButtonItem by calling toolGroupManager.createItem(forToolClass: PTCrossMarkStampCreate.self)

How would I either override those to be my own custom image or how would I create my own stamp to add it to my toolGroupManager.annotateItemGroup .

I would like to make them look like this instead.
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 9.20.18 AM

Is there a way to override PTCheckMarkStampCreate and PTCrossMarkStampCreate too look like this? Or do you have example of how I can create a new stamp. Thank you

Hi Jack,

You can look at creating your own stamp by subclassing PTCreateToolBase class.

You can take help of this sample code:

class CheckMarkStampTool: PTCreateToolBase {
    override func pdfViewCtrl(_ pdfViewCtrl: PTPDFViewCtrl, handleTap gestureRecognizer: UITapGestureRecognizer) -> Bool {
        do {
            try pdfViewCtrl.docLock(true) { doc in
                guard let doc = doc else { return }
                let image = PTImage.create(doc.getSDFDoc(), filename: "<path-to-image>")
                let stamp: PTStamper = PTStamper(size_type: e_ptabsolute_size, a: 50, b: 50)
                stamp.setAlignment(e_pthorizontal_left, vertical_alignment: e_ptvertical_bottom)
                if let touchPtScreen = PTPDFPoint(px: self.endPoint.x, py: self.endPoint.y) {
                    let stampPoint = pdfViewCtrl.convScreenPt(toPagePt: touchPtScreen, page_num: self.pageNumber)
                    stamp.setPosition(stampPoint.getX(), vertical_distance: stampPoint.getY(), use_percentage: false)
                let ps = PTPageSet(one_page: self.pageNumber)
                stamp.stampImage(doc, src_img: image, dest_pages: ps)
                if let page = doc.getPage(UInt32(self.pageNumber)) {
                    let numAnnots = page.getNumAnnots()
                    if let newAnnot = page.getAnnot(numAnnots-1) {
                        pdfViewCtrl.update(with: newAnnot, page_num: self.pageNumber)
        } catch {
        return true

Let us know if this works for you.

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